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The Never-Ending Day

The Never Ending Day

There were some major fails followed by some major successes throughout our remaining flights. Fail #1: My “entertainment” system was dysfunctional and no amount of tapping or hitting resolved the issue- trust me, I tried. Fail #1 gets worse: This AirNZ safety video played on my screen http://www.radiolive.co.nz/VIDEO-Safety-in-Paradise---Air-New-Zealands-latest-safety-video/tabid/439/articleID/40557/Default.aspx
…and then it went back to blank.

Success #1: We plugged two sets of headphones into the two prong earphone jack on Liz’s entertainment system and about an hour into the flight, flight attendant Cheryl reset it. Cheryl is a seasoned vet who was flying her last flight after 25 years with Air NZ- She really invests herself in her passengers. Which leads to Fail #2- We ate supper in the Vancouver airport (smart right?) WRONG. Because this was an overnight flight, “dinner” was served about 2 hours into the flight. Cheryl wasted no time in expressing her concern about our inevitable hunger when we both refused the tray. Success #2: We agreed to the bun and some wine. Cheryl seemed satisfied and I had my first sleep aid.

With a little help from Mary Poppins and pharmaceuticals I was asleep in no time. A short who knows how many hours later I woke up just in time for breakfast. Fail #3: Being that we had only just woken up we both requested the “light” breakfast of yogurt and fruit. Again Cheryl’s motherly instincts kicked in. According to Cheryl, we are both “very light eaters”. Success #3: Cheryl didn’t know that I had a ziplock bag of sugar cookies from Bubby Shirley, and every flavour M and M because Marla was concerned about buying me the wrong ones. Fail #4: In the Vancouver airport we both added lemon slices to our water bottles and promptly forgot about them. Leaving the plane the attendant stopped me and said “is that food in your water bottle” to which I replied “no” before remembering that lemon is food (I have a degree in fruits and vegetables ya know). Success #4: We dumped the lemons in the trash on the plane before having to pay a $400 fine for trying to bring fruit into the country.

Transferring in the Aukland airport was made exceptionally simple for us as the country decided international travellers aren’t very intelligent, therefore instead of providing verbal directions or posting signage to get form the international to domestic terminal, they decided to paint a thick green line outside all the way from one to the other. Follow the green-painted line!

A day lost and some many hours later we arrived in Christchurch, picked up a SIM card, picked up some wheels, and checked into Jail (details to come tomorrow). Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so we headed to the coffee shop across the street for some much needed food, coffee (for Liz) and tea (for me). After a quick nap and shower, feeling human again we were ready to explore Christchurch.

We decided to start at Cathedral square. Around Cathedral square most of the area is fenced off and closed as they continue to reconstruct the area following the 2011 earthquakes.

We quickly realized there was nothing to do and apparently, Christchurch is running on “Man Time”

At the square we decided to take the $10 Trolley to “see the city” and “learn some facts". The trolley took us about 4 blocks in one direction- which was the end of the line. Disappointing only until this lady came on. She found the trolley ride so fascinating she decided to film her reaction to it. PHOTO OF SELFIE LADY The trolley took us back to our start location- and then continued on in the opposite direction - FOUR BLOCKS. The whole experience was quite similar to when mom used to take me on the trolley to the entrance of heritage park and then back home and pretended we had actually visited the park. This may have been a fail….

We continued to walk around downtown and stumbled upon the Re:START mall, a temporary mall made out of container ships. Many adorable things but luckily we have no room for gifts for anyone so no purchases were made. We strolled along the river back to the vehicle to consider our next activity.

By this point you may be wondering how we were still doing activities..don’t worry this is only 3:30pm… I said it was the never ending day….

Next we drove over to the beach to feel some sea and sand.

This was followed by a visit to Pomeroy’s Brewery Inn for wind down beers, mandatory journaling time and foosball.

Once we had exhausted that option we decided a bar closer to our hostel was a good idea so we headed to Pedal Pushers for our final activity of the night. And with that the never ending day finally came to an end- at 10pm on April 1… If you were keeping track this “day” started when we left Vancouver at 8pm March 30. (But actually started on March 30 at 9:00 am).

Biggest win: Successfully driving - not into oncoming traffic. Though those windshield wipers don’t make very good turn signals.
Biggest fail: No idea what happened on March 31 - FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!


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Team Blue at the starting line

We decided to take this adventure 2 years ago (almost to the day) while Lani was living in The Pas for her "internship" (forced volunteering) and I was working in Washington, D.C. on a travel nursing assignment. The trip has taken many different forms- it started out as an idea to work in Australia for 6 months and then travel to Southeast Asia after, and somehow work in New Zealand. At some point Lani suggested we just take a few months and travel, no work, just life (which I quickly vetoed because "it wasn't the plan!!). It then became working in New Zealand and travelling whenever we could. We planned to leave in November 2013. Then, after I came back from Israel in July 2013 and realized that I had a) no money and b) to apply to grad school and c) look for a JOB in New Zealand (and get a nursing license), I asked Lani if we could go back to her "just travel" plan, and could we leave in March or April so I could actually have some money saved? She relented, but not without laughing at me for pretending it was my idea...

Anyways, that's the background. Now the day has arrived, our bags are packed, and our bank accounts are ready to be emptied.

First, packing. For those of you who don't know (and let's be honest, since pretty much only our parents are reading this, you all know), packing is my kryptonite. I tried to ease my anxiety by making a three page, detailed packing list. Lani totally did the same.
Lani ended up coming to Edmonton to help me finish packing so that I didn't end up a Liz-shaped puddle of tears. It went well, and our "acks" are packed and we're ready to go. We safely made it from Calgary to Vancouver, and are about to board our flight to Auckland, then on to Christchurch.
Finally, a short list of the wins we have had in the few short hours we have been travelling:
1) My backpack is 32 lbs. Lani's is 33 lbs. I win.
2) Our bags are checked all the way to Christchurch- see ya later, gaters!
3) Only had to go through security once (hooray for keeping our liquids!)
4) We stayed awake on our flight to Vancouver, and now are ready to have a pharmaceutically-induced 16 hour "nap"
5) We still like each other!

Stay tuned for more...



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